La Garenne, is an absolutely fantastic restaurant in Huby St Leu, and it would be a real tragedy to lose it.

the restaurant is on the market, at a ridiculously low price but has been for the past few years since the original owner Didier  sadly passed away.  The staff are so friendly and the food is exceptional.   I know lots of people in the area, that would be extremely  sad to see it go,

Best  restaurant in town by far.  Please pay it a visit, when  your  next in the area, better still, come and stay in our Gite, for the Spring/Summer/Autumn, and you will not be disappointed , are are literally a five minute walk down the hill, and afterwards the walk back up will work off some of the sumptuous food.  Steaks to die for, chicken with Roquefort sauce, and banana flambé,  with brandy and ice cream, squid, duck confit, turkey confit , omg the list goes on, and the wine list !!!!

highly recommended.74823395-413D-4D01-9AD0-E47E3CB4FD7615926463-B805-4B23-B831-935A447FD7C7F72A548F-D91A-4481-9538-1FF40B2A796C0DD9B5E4-EF50-47B4-8448-5A9B440F4CEC6AE0890C-1A19-462A-8069-595A8CCB1BB3IMGP1214


23C792D7-C56C-45F5-BC3C-AAA1169A118DAnyone  visiting our Gite, must look out for the red squirrel.  It lives in or near our bottom tree  on the left in the back garden.  We have named him Sammy, but he’s very shy.  Would love to see your pictures of him/her .  See if you can spot the Squirrel.


Today we visited the Brocante in  Mouriez, can’t say it was the best one we’ve ever been to and, the parking was far to far away from the actual brocante.  A little disappointed ☹️ as brocantes, unless they’re very big , just tend to be kids clothes and toys and market traders, which isn’t really the idea🤨


please be aware if you book now prices will remain the same as past 5 years.  This year we have to raise them slightly, and this will be done in the next few weeks.

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